Christmas 2018

This was the first Christmas when our children didn’t wake at dawn. My youngest, home from his Freshman year at college, didn’t get up until lunchtime! So we had a leisurely morning around the stout Christmas tree. The tree, besides being too wide, was too tall for the living room but we managed.

Fattest tree we’ve had

That’s our cat, Glug, in the arm chair patiently waiting for Santa.

Christmas morning was cold but sunny. No snow this year.

With my son sleeping in, I stole into the studio and got in a quick session with on of my paintings. My paintings are everywhere around our house. My wife asked to hang this one some time ago. Hanging it is on my To Do list.

The frame on Barefoot Jane is an excellent example of the work that came out of Vermilion Fine Arts. I’d searched far and wide to find a frame maker who was first-rate but not too expensive. Unfortunately, Vermilion Fine Arts closed and has seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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