Where am I?

I haven’t posted in a month and some readers might be wondering if anything is up. Nope.  A vacation mixed-in with some other business has kept me away from my brushes. Breaks can be good; we all need to recharge our batteries.  But I am not a vacation-type guy. The thought of spending a day–let alone a week–lying on a beach is insupportable. But I kicked around the studio some these past days and I’m getting back to my usual routine.

The top photo shows ‘Booth at the Fair,’ or something like that. One of my older brushes died. The synthetic brush in the bottom photo has become misshapen, which is what synthetic brushes do, and is why I don’t like them. All the brushes in the photo are old equally but only the synthetic one has turned into a wreck.

So it goes into my graveyard for old brushes.




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