Turpentine diaries 1/13/19

Booth at the Fair ( or At the Fair or The Fair) is 44″ x 60,” which makes it one of the larger canvases I’ve worked on recently. I am working on the drawing for a larger canvas–54″ x 66.” I also have a passel of 48″ x 60″ canvases waiting for attention. So much work awaits!

The way forward is through subject matter. I don’t mean formal syllogisms either–an arrangement of tones and colors blah, blah, blah. I don’t know how to define subject matter but it’s the most fruitful thing I know.

What is the subject matter of this painting? I have kindly intentions; I don’t mock. If my painting suggests that, it’s because of my poor skills.

Anyway, parts of this painting are starting to not annoy me–real progress!

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