Turpentine diaries 1/20/2019

NE Ohio was pounded by a winter storm overnight. At noon, we–my wife, daughter, and me–braved the gusting winds and blowing snow to clear the driveway. We had to shovel through snow drifts just to get out the front door.

We made short work of it, however. The snow blower my brother-in-law gave me works pretty well. This is the first winter that I’ve used it.

These photos show Lake Erie from our backyard. The Lake isn’t frozen yet but it displays the sluggishness that’s typical when it starts to freeze. Don’t let the sunny sky fool you; it is bitter cold and getting colder.

When I reentered the studio after working outside, I was struck by the women in these paintings. They are both reaching toward their face. These days, you’re bound to see a lot of people with there hands around their face talking on their smartphone or interacting with it.

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