Turpentine diaries 7/21/19

The first day painting on a new design is always exiting. True, paintings almost never live up to the vision in my mind’s eye, but I start every new painting with the same anticipation. I can’t wait to get started!

This photo shows The Green Umbrella after a four-hour painting session. There’s a long way to go, eh? I am sharing this because when I was youg I was keen to see how artists worked.

The drawing is completed and fixed with varnish. I started with the darker tones, keeping them simple warm and cold tones–no local color. The ground is a neutral tan; contrast it to the white wall behind the painting.

This painting moves away from the large-scale figures I’ve been working with lately. Smaller than life figures ( The Green Umbrella is 40″ x 50″) were in a lot of my paintings a year or so back.

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