Turpentine diaries 7/6/19

After several days of drawing, I spent the last 5-6 days working on The Lens (unfinished painting on the easel). I started with the over-painting today before running out of gas.

My main palette, the rectangular one on the white cart, contains my colors and mixtures: cool and warm grays, and values of burnt sienna. I used the burnt sienna values for the flesh, which I modified with green earth, ultramarine blue, and vermilion as needed.

I frequently use small, hand-held palettes, like the one in the photo, for specific mixtures. This is especially useful when I need a lot of a tone such as Indian red, mars red, and black, as seen here.

The Lens is 40″ x 56″.

I also started work a the design for a large painting of the type I dream about. This canvas is 5′ x 6′.

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