Starting another painting

The drawing is transferred to the canvas for the new painting I’m calling The Entertainer. The Entertainer is 40″ x 50″. I applied the warm ground with a rag. I was careful to keep the ground thin so that the drawing shows through, as you can see in the photo. There are 12 figures in the space.

I intended to paint directly on the white ground but I had trouble with the twin of this canvas. Both were prepared with Williamsburg Titanium oil ground, which is too slick–glasslike. On the companion canvas, some paint patches lifted off the surface. I thought at first it was due to a medium I was trying at the time, but now I’m inclined to blame this ground. So in addition to providing me with a middle-value, the ground mitigates this too-slick surface.

In the lower-left is another painting that I finished today, Portrait of a Man in Sunglasses.

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  1. Portrait of a man in Sunglasses … Excellent work! 😀
    As for the new canvas, why blame the ground and not the grounder?
    Your art blog posts are great .. not sure if I like the posts more, or the fact that you’re an artist with no header graphic or website logo! Your boldness shines bright. Please keep that up, always 🙂
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