Fall along the lake

Lake Erie keeps the Fall weather mild in NE Ohio. Halloween is often shirtsleeve weather here. New Jersey, where we lived before moving here, is always cold by this time.

I remember freezing as I pulled the wagon with our costumed-children in it around the neighborhood. It was so bitter cold that we curtailed trick-or-treat early that year. It’s never like that here but this year was unusually dreary and rainy. Even so, we had a good crop of kids come around this year.

I took this photo of a recently finished painting against the shed. The leaves are piling up but most leaves are still green on November 3rd. You can see the lake beyond our backyard.

Recently finished painting

We see the large freighters all the time but almost never this close to shore. We thought perhaps there had been a mishap and it was drifting. But it moved on without incident.

The freighters ply their trade until Jan. 1st and then start again in March.

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