RGH vs Utrecht

A reader asks wether I prefer Utrecht flake white or RGH’s.

To answer the question directly: I prefer Utrecht (barely). Utrecht covers better and has more body. To demonstrate this, I share a simple side-by-side comparison.

(Note: I currently have some of RGH’s extra fine white. The extra-fine paint is ground in safflower oil, which is not my favorite. Among RGH’s varities of flake white, I prefer the cold-pressed linseed version.)

In the following photo, the Utrecht flake white is on the left, and RGH extra-fine Cremitz (flake) white on the right. It’s hard to tell by this photo but the RGH white is leveling compared to the Utrecht sample. There is approximately an equal amount of white and ivory black for both tests.

Utrecht white on the left

In this photo you can see the result of mixing the grays

Utrecht is on the right

Clearly, the Utrecht value is lighter than the RGH mix. Utrecht white has more pigment and is more covering. It also means that the Utrecht paint can be thinned more without losing body.

Putting this test aside, I will continue to buy paint from RGH. Their paint is still a fine value. But these days I find myself turning to the Utrecht white more often than other (affordable) brands.

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