Doak’s canvas

Doak sells a linen-cotton blended canvas. A 10-yard roll is $440. It’s a good deal if it’s any good.

Has anyone used Doak’s blended canvas? If so, can you share your evaluation?

Doak sent me the sample that you see in this photo. The ground on it seems OK, but when I talked to him last week, he admitted that it is an emulsion–not an oil ground. He explained he developed this “paper-like” surface for his customers who use his thick watercolors. I was all ready to place an order until he told me that.

Doak is a tireless self-promoter; “All the big artists use my materials.” [shrugs]

His stuff is mostly good but my problem with this emulsion-coated canvas is that I don’t know what he’s using. I’m not worried so much that it is no good, but rather what will I do if I like it and he stops selling it? Don’t laugh. This has happened to me many times over. Doak himself has discontinued many materials that he once promoted.

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