Artists with small brushes

Most of the tropes we learn about art and art-making are rubbish. One meaningless trope is, “Real artistes only use large brushes.”

Alright, then. “A six-inch brush for this five-inch canvas, right Professor?”

“Don’t get cute! Use a brush suitable for the job, Nimrod!”

But that’s not what you said.

Use the right tools for the job. I grant you that knowing which tools are right for a job isn’t always easy. The truth is that knowing the right tool is often very hard, and the answer only comes with experience.

Art isn’t a contest where you’re awarded points for overcoming self-inflicted handicaps. “The painting is crap but considering that she used all the wrong tools, it’s awesome.”

If that seems harsh, realize that you have to be a good artist before others take the time to really criticize you.

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