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Cleveland, Ohio

“Why?” (do you visit the museum so often)

A professional from Guadalajara visiting Cleveland for the first time was enthusing about the city’s many attractions, especially the art museum. “It’s magnificent–world class,” she exclaimed! “The Rubens, the Velasquez, the Goya…,”  she rattled-off several more masterpieces she’d seen. “I know,” I nodded, “I visit the museum every week.” “Every week? But, WHY,” the astonished art lover…

The 42nd Student Show at The Galleries at CSU

I enjoy student shows and attend them whenever I’ve a chance. While most student shows are filled with, well, student-grade work, I almost always find a gem or two. So I wasn’t disappointed when the bill of fare for this exhibition at the Galleries at Cleveland State U. proved to be bog-standard stuff, which is to say most pieces…

Lake Erie Comes Alive

Lake Erie came alive this week; Spring is finally here. The first private boats were spotted–what a cheery sight! One brave soul was night fishing, his running lights moving slowly through the night. Soon boat lights will be as numerous as stars. I also saw the first commercial boat of the season.