Painting prep

It took all day to trace the cartoon onto the canvas for this painting.  The new painting, Sub Rosa, is 44″ x 60″ and has seven figures in it. After finishing the tracing, I lightly sprayed the surface with fixative.  I’ll start the painting tomorrow. I worked on the drawing for several days, as you might…

Drawing, drawing, drawing

Drawing is the heart and soul of art.  If the drawing is strong, you have to work hard to screw up a painting.  If the drawing is weak, you have to work hard to just produce mediocrity. I’ve gone through periods during which I did more drawing than painting, especially when I was young and painting…

Starting a painting

After completing the cartoon for this painting, I transferred it to a canvas, as you can see in the photo.  A cartoon, I remind you, is a drawing used as a template for a painting.  Cartoons are made to the exact dimension of the target surface.  Typically, they are used for large paintings and murals but are often…

In the studio 12/6/15

I spent most of my time recently working on new paintings that are still too raw to show. I am also working on a new cycle of pieces that are still in the drawing stage. I had to order a box of pencils. I also got some new sharpeners. I do not like the electric type.…


Tom Hudson

I spent the past the several days drawing. Yesterday I started drawing on 2 new canvases: Euclid Avenue (48″ x 60″), and Sunday (42″ x 56″). The day before, I started the 40″ x 50″ Girl in Purple Boots. This furious drawing is, in part, the result of a screw-up. Several days back I started another 42″ x 56″ canvas called Watch. But it was a struggle. The surface wasn’t right–it wasn’t coming together. The next day, hoping that a fresh start would rectify things, was just as bad. Then it dawned on me: I selected the wrong-sized canvas. I was unsuccessfully trying to shoehorn my worked-out design into the wrong size and scale. No wonder it wasn’t coming together.  The design was intended for a 48″ x 60″ canvas. Duh.

I played with redesigning it but didn’t like the results. So I wiped off the drawing and put another ground on the canvas–I didn’t like the surface anyway. Although I really like the design for Watch, I decided to put it aside for awhile, and used the larger canvas for Euclid Avenue instead. I am putting the finishing touches on several other 48″ x 60″ canvases today and Watch will have to wait until those surfaces are ready.


Tom Hudson

I had a good drawing session on the painting titled The Photographer this morning. This painting of a single figure is 32″ x 48.” I think one more session will be enough. When I mentioned this painting the other day, I didn’t show it, and I won’t show it here. I don’t think you can get much from a drawing on a toned canvas (warm gray). I showed the drawing stage for the series I did about making The Call, but that was a special case.

Durer prints at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland’s exhibition, housed in two small rooms off the atrium, is small put potent. Durer is one of the towering figures in Western art. His drawing prowess is unrivaled–some few have matched him but none have surpassed him. As the forty or so odd prints in this exhibition make clear, his mastery of the printmaking arts is absolute…

In the studio 2014-4-13

Here is the newest studio update. The drawing on the floor started as a painting on canvas board, but I was having so much fun drawing, I decided to finish it that way. I still plan a painting on the same subject–the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado. I prepared the canvas board using…