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Christmas 2018

This was the first Christmas when our children didn’t wake at dawn. My youngest, home from his Freshman year at college, didn’t get up until lunchtime! So we had a leisurely morning around the stout Christmas tree. The tree, besides being too wide, was too tall for the living room but we managed. That’s our…

Painting Tom

Painting Tom is a short film by Jake Harness. Jake is a young filmmaker and Painting Tom is part of his documentary on creative people.

To my suprise, I enjoyed the experience. Painting Tom is, as you might guess, about me painting.

Turpentine diaries 6/17/18

The thing about this Fabriano drawing pad is I can work-up drawings with pencil or pen–my two favorite materials–without mess or fuss.  The really good paper I save for charcoal or pastel, but this paper is terrific for pencil drawing. This photo shows two recent pencil drawings on Fabriano bristol. This morning, I finished a…