Vermilion, OH

Ice and snow be gone!

The last of the ice and snow melted away last night. Here is a shot of Lake Erie taken from my studio this morning. The horizon is lost in the distance; it’s impossible to tell where water ends and sky starts.

In the studio 3/30/14

Here is a photo of some recent work. The top painting is my son John aboard The Betty Jane. I applied paint to the large, middle painting or the first time yesterday. I spent the two previous days working on the drawing exclusively. It’s called Dinner in Trenton. The bottom painting is a small-format version…


Tom Hudson

I listened to songs by PJ Harvey during this morning’s painting session (actually drawing session). Her songs are filled with the kind of poetry that tears you up–just what I like. Many of her songs are inspired by history, like WWI. That’s pretty unique. Anyway, I found a temporary solution to my slipping easel problem. A large binder clip fastened to the spine provides enough firmness to hold the cross-brace in place. Applying paint while the entire painting slides beneath your brush is VERY ANNOYING.

Spring? You bet!

Those aren’t whitecaps on Lake Erie but ice flows loosened from the thawing ice–but I’ll take it! We knew spring was finally arriving when we were able to keep the bedroom door open to last night’s warm breezes. It’s still too soon to hear the soothing sound of rolling waves, but–man o’ man!–it is sweet…

Studio mess

As this photograph demonstrates, I need more studio space. Not shown are the larger–5′ x 6′– paintings that are precariously stacked on one another.  My separate storage area is overflowing with even larger paintings, like Black Lake (72″ x 96″), and other large, primed canvases ready to be worked. We are planning to buy a property…


Sick of winter yet? Here is Lake Erie this morning: Pretty for January but not on St. Patrick’s day.


Tom Hudson

Yesterday’s storm highlighted–as if it was necessary–once again that this is the Winter From Hell.  Our furnace stopped working during the wee hours and the high today is in the low teens. It could have been worse. Yesterday’s terrific winds might have downed trees and disrupted power. Hopefully, that was winter’s last hurrah. I can remember winters with colder snaps and worse snows, but the unending string of heavy storms we’ve experienced makes this winter one of the worse if not the worst I’ve seen.

Confirmation at the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo Ohio

We drove through the snow to the magnificent Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo for my son’s confirmation. The eighth-grade class from Keith’s school–St. Paul’s in Norwalk–along with several other schools were confirmed together in solemn ceremony.  The Toledo archdiocese is currently without a bishop but the presiding priests performed ably. I had never been to…