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Review: Eyewitness Views

The Cleveland Museums of Art’s Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe is the best show I’ve seen at the museum since I started my near-weekly visits six years ago.  As good as the show is, however, the theme–artists as eyewitnesses to history–is a stretch.  The paintings are souvenirs of public events in (equally important)…

Mountain Retreat

Clouds Visiting a Mountain Retreat, 1633, T. Hong

The beautiful painting Clouds Visiting a Mountain Retreat is currently on view at the Cleveland Art Museum. The museum regularly rotates its vast Asian collection, and new works (new to me) are frequently to be found. The cloud-swathed mountain dominates the landscape; the travellers in the lower-left are easily overlooked. It’s early morning or early…

Ladies Celebrating Diwali

What are they doing? What’s happening in this dark and mysterious scene? The full moon broods over several women holding lights or sparklers over their heads, much as revelers in the U.S. do on the 4th of July. In the distance, jets of fireworks illuminate the night sky. In the middle distance, pleasure seekers watch the fireworks from boats on…

A visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Asian collection

Cleveland Museum of Art's New Atrium

The Cleveland Museum of Art recently rotated its vast Asian collection, which I happily discovered during Friday’s visit. After a Caesar salad in the Atrium cafeteria–‘extra anchovies, please’–I started my weekly ramble in the galleries above the cafeteria where the Asian collection is housed. Major museums, like Cleveland,  rotate parts of their collection all the…

Tom Hudson

The NY Times recently ran a piece about visiting art museums. I consider myself something of an expert on the subject, and I’m writing a post about the article, which–knock on wood!–I’ll publish soon.

As readers know, I average one visit per week to museums. So far this year, I’ve visited the Cleveland Museum of Art 30+ times, and the Met 4 times. I am going to the Cleveland Museum later today. Aside from the staff, I probably visit the Cleveland Museum of Art more than anyone in the world.