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Tom Hudson

I’ve whined before about the jars RGH uses for its paint. They’re useless–worse than useless. They don’t seal properly so unless you use the paint straightaway, it’s wasted. I lost one half of a 250ml jar this way. Even spraying water over the paint failed to preserve it.

The jars nullify an otherwise brilliant strategy. RGH offers the all-import lead white in a variety of sizes and binders. As far as I know, RGH is the only supplier that allows customers to select the binder–cold-press linseed, walnut, refined linseed, and others. Their prices are good too. But the jars make it moot and transform an instant buy into an avoid.

I notice that RGH now offers a 125ml tube of white, but the tube is priced at the same price as a 250ml jar! At this price, the tubbed white is not a bargin.

Linseed or walnut?

Linseed oil or walnut oil? Linseed oil has always been more widely used, but walnut oil has its defenders–sometimes passionate defenders. Leonardo was one such. Walnut oil yellows less than linseed oil, but it’s relative. I suspect the difference affects poor quality versions of the oils, with low quality linseed yellowing more than poor quality walnut.…

In the studio 2/8/15

I worked on these paintings this morning. I painted-out some foliage in the upper-right of Three Girls. The tone in the photo of that area is more yellow–by far–than the actual tone. The under-painting is done (has been for a bit) and I’m driving toward finishing it. It’s a lot of fun painting the VW Bug. Three…

Finished painting: John in Profile

I finished this small painting this morning. It’s another in the series of my young children posing outside with a white lawn chair. I think this is the 3rd or 4th in this series. I have another small one in-hand. I’m thinking about doing this painting in a larger format, say 36″ x 48.”


Tom Hudson

Kremer Pigment is known for their pigments and their vast selection of rare and hard to find materials. Their only ready-made oil paint is cremnitz white. You can order this white in linseed or walnut oil. Their linseed white is excellent–among the best I’ve tried. A 250 ml jar is $62, which is a bargain compared to other top brands. A 225ml tube from Old Holland is $200+.

Normally, I don’t like paint in jars or cans but my glass jar of white from Kremer has remained fresh and hasn’t formed a skin, as is often the case for jar-ed paint.

I added Kremer to my Oil Paint brand list.


Tom Hudson

RGH makes decent paint. Their affordable prices make them a good value. Not only that, you can select the oil type when ordering white (they have a nice variety of whites, including the all-important flake). For someone, like me, who prefers cold-pressed linseed, this is compelling. As far as I know, RGH is the only producer with this smart feature.

But some of their colors, including large-sized whites, are only available in jars. Cheap jars. Paint in jars (or cans) tends to form a skin. When the skin gets into the mass of paint, it ruins it. Removing the skin is tedious, time consuming, and wasteful. The only way to get rid of the skin is to remove a lot of paint. Knowing this, I spray water over the surface of the paint when sealing the jars. But a 250ml jar of cremnitz white formed a skin anyway. In spite of my best efforts,  I didn’t get rid of all the skin and now it’s in the body of paint. Half the jar is useless–a $37 waste.

I won’t buy anymore colors available only in jars, which means I won’t buy large sizes of flake white from RGH until they change their policy.

By the way, the only producer of jar-ed paint I’ve had success with is Kremer and they use glass jars.



Tom Hudson

I use burnt sienna as the basis of my flesh tones, so I use a lot of burnt sienna. My favorite brand for this color is Natural Pigments’ French Burnt Sienna. Some burnt siennas are too red, like Winsor Newton’s.  Old Holland’s is excellent–both light and dark. But Natural Pigments’ is just right: not too red, not too dark–just right.


I get a lot of email from readers, mostly technical questions, which I always answer. A recent correspondent asked my opinion about Blockx oils. Blockx is one of the premium brands and I cover it in my OIl Paint Brands reference. Blockx is really fine paint; Not long ago, I got a terrific price on their…