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Correcting painting surfaces that are too slick

You know when your paint surface gets too slick and oil starts to bead? There are several remedies. Rubbing an onion over the surface works but has issues–obviously. A better method is to use denatured alcohol. A light application over the surface cures this problem instantly. Make sure to not overdo it. Too much alcohol…


Tom Hudson

I added RGH to my oil paint brand reference. RGH has supplanted Winsor Newton as my preferred mid-range brand. My second order from RGH arrived–again, shipped immediately–and the cold-pressed linseed flake white is very good. The outstanding quality along with competitive pricing makes this new brand a winner. Oh, they also included a free jar of permanent yellow.

Review: RGH Oil Paint

RGH Oils is a small manufacturer that promotes its wide-range of lead-based whites. I think that is smart. There is an opportunity here for small suppliers to fill the gap left as the larger companies cut production–and raise prices to lurid heights. After using the paints from my first order (shipped instantly, by the way),…


Tom Hudson

I placed my first order with RGH Paints. They are a small outfit that prides itself on their extensive line of lead white paint. They offer flake white in an assortment of binders and sizes. I ordered a small tube of the cold-pressed version along with a few other colors. If their stuff is any good, that’s a big deal now that some of the big boys have throttled back production of lead paint. As most oil painters know, lead white is the most valuable and useful paint. After I give their stuff a proper workout, I’ll update my Oil Paint Brand reference.

In praise of cerulean blue

Cerulean blues is an extremely important color. Besides being a core blue (it should be on every palette), it forms complementary tones with most orange-brown colors, such as burnt sienna (another very useful color). Its usefulness is unfortunate because it’s so blasted expensive–one of the most expensive paints on the market. My oil paint brand reference…

Complementary neutral tones

The eye loves complementary neutrals. The eye will accept the ‘truth’ of a well placed neutral faster than it will a piece of carefully crafted modeling. Nature abounds with complementary colors. I remember as a child being amazed by the green shadows cast by the light streaming though the red curtains of my bedroom. What…


Here is my general. all-purpose palette. It has a good assortment of every color group and the core neutrals I always mix. You can do just fine with fewer colors–three or even fewer from each group is certainly workable. When I was younger, I had a very limited palette because I had a very limited…


Tom Hudson

I updated the oil paint brand list with information about the binders used by some manufacturers (Blockx, Old Holland, Michael Hadring, Blue Ridge, and Holbein). I also downgraded my ratings for Blue Ridge. I prefer cold-pressed linseed to alkali refined method they use. They also use a blend of walnut and linseed oils. Finally, I’ve used paint from Michael Harding (ultramarine blue) which seems very good, but I haven’t used it enough to rate it.