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Studio journal 2/21/17

I’ve always approached painting as a process of carving away and revealing, the way I imagine a sculptor approaches sculpting.  Not modeling but carving.  I bring this up because this unfinished painting, Sub Rosa, is a pretty good example of my approach.   There are many ways to talk about painting, of course.  I used to talk about…

In the studio

After working on paintings with a lot of figures in them, working on The Photographer’s single figure is refreshing.  I don’t actually know the woman in this painting, which is based on one of many photos I took at a local fair.  Anyway, she struck me as a tough customer; all business, if you know…

Invisible art

Whenever I go to mass (I don’t go as often as I should), I’m alert to the art in the church. Last winter, we made our first visit to Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is seat of the archdiocese of Toledo, Ohio. The cathedral is resplendent with mosaics of every kind.…

Tom Hudson

It’s a great day on Lake Erie. The air is crisp, cool, and sun-drenched. Waves pound the beach throwing up plumes of white froth.

Waves pound our beach

Waves pound our beach